starting over

JUst a note to anyone stopping by this blog, I have moved to a new page with a new business name.

Stephies Beads and Baubles, there are links  to the side of this post and that will take you to either my personal blog, my etsy store or my new blog

I am working on lots of new items, here are some samples to show you

some wine charms, all differant kinds ‘



Feb 2013 064






steampunk bracelets as well as my charm bracelets


this is a shot of my studio, I hope you will stop by my new site and see what I am up to !!





Still figuring it all out

I have been making and posting jewelry on my artfire site and seem to get a lot of views, but I am still not selling anything, which is more than frustrating !!!

My prices are in line with what seems  normal, my quality is always good, I am very picky about what I put on line, I am not a perfectionist in all my li fe, but I am with my jewelry and will not sell anything I do not feel is as perfect as I can get it.

The only thing  left is whether or not it is a good design. I feel some of my stuff is probably not the popular thing, but I do feel many of my pieces look like what I see on tv and in current movies or t alk shows.

I am very frustrated but will keep trying. I love to create and have sometimes let the lack of sales bring me down and keep me from making more jewelry because I kind of just give up.

I want to get  back to creating for the fun of it and just forget the rest.

I am working on lots of fun things, some Indian jewelry which is something I love to do, some fun book marks and some homemade beads I want to experiment with too !!

I will be posting some new pictures as I go, and I hope to see more action on my artfire site. But regardless just want to have fun creating fun pieces no matter what happens with my art fire studio.

So, this was just a vent post, but I will be posting new things in the next few days, and I can’t wait to s hare t hem !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!

Loving the charm bracelets

This is my latest creation, a green black and clear charm bracelet.

Here are some more pictures of it




I just love making them and plan to make many more colors and shapes. I have experimented with a few hand made wire charms on my patriotic  charm bracelet and I have been working on some heart charms I plan on  using. I love working with the wire and hammering it flat gets out all my stress !!

I will post some pictures of the charms and some necklace sets I am working on soon. I woke up to a little cold today and I am a bit wiped out but wanted to post as it had been way too long. I have been working on a lot, just have not been good about posting it here !! My etsy shop is filling back up and I have a pretty full artfire shop too. Both will have a lot more and a lot more of the same things listed in both, which could be risky and I can only do it right now becuase I am pretty much unseen still. Once I get a lot more traffic, I will not be doing that anymore.

So, off to rest, I have beading to do tomorrow !!  Will update soon with some more pictures. Would have posted more today but after those last few it just froze up and would not budge, so that is why I did not post any more !!

Working on new things

I have been hard at work making a lot of new things, trying some new styles and just being creative !!

Here are some of the things I have been working on lately, there are lots more, but this is just a sample 

I have a f un bracelet for any red  hatters out there and then a fun stone bracelet.

I also made this fun a colorful blue and green bracelet and the set for autumn with candy corn glass beads and orange and yellow glass beads to accent them.

I have a ton more to share and will add more in the next few days both here and on artfire !!

I have somevery full  charm bracelets I will post next time, they are just beautiful, I am very proud of them !! Lots of goodies on them !!!


So much fun !!

Well, so much for wordpress saving what you have done, I have to start all over !! I had posted a picture and then tried to post another and it jsut froze up, so lets try that again !!

I worked on some new items yesterday and had a blast. I had a pile of wonderful goodies from a necklace I took apart that I had bought at a serious discount at Chicos, and here is what I did yesterday !!

I had bought a necklace at Chicos really cheap on clearance last month, it was 98 bucks and I got it for 22, which is a great deal !!!

I took it all apart and  yesterday got elements of it out, with some other chain and elements

Now this first piece I actually made a few weeks ago with some dyed stone chunks I got from the Bead Market in April.  I used some black barrel swivels for fishing to connect the stones together after putting a bead wire through them and looping each side. I used some small fire polished black bead accents and used a couple of interesting chains for the  necklace and earrings, but this was not really part of what I did yesterday, but just wanted to share it !!

Okay, this is a nice chain and an and older clasp I had taken from another piece. For the first of my items from yesterday.

It is not in order because I cannot get wordpress to put the pictures where I want them so I have to kind of roll with it. I got it a bit better today but messed up some.

These are the earrings to the necklace I started showing before, I used a rhyming dictionary to hang them on to photograph !!

I used one of the sides of the Chicos  necklace to make a pendant, still have one, so I can make something else fun with that !!

I added some chain and some beads and fresh water pearls to make this pretty pendant.  I got out of my comfort zone, I tend to be very symetrical when doing bead work and I did each side of the necklace completely differant and each earring had a slightly differant silver colored oval on it. Pretty edgey for me !!

Then I worked on this bracelet which is completely differant than anything I have ever done. A lot of it comes from that Chicos neckalace , again, really out of the box for me !!

I made the clasp myself out of wire and hammered it to harden and flatten it, came out pretty good, not perfect, but I like the hand made look of it, so I am happy with it !!

You can see the abalone shell charms from the chico piece, they are very heavy and good quality and so pretty, they just glow !!

This piece is made from some ceramic beads that look like stone from two necklaces I bought at a craft, antique type place we found on a trip we took a few months ago. I really liked the look of them and added some chain and black faceted glass beads . I chose not to put a clasp because it easily slips over my head. I love that chunky chain I hung the pendant from !! Before I strung the pendant and earrings on the wire, I curled the ends and hammered them for a pretty effect and I like the f lattened hand made look. YOu cannot really see it in the pictures of the earrings, these were taken last night in the house under a lamp which made them very yellow. I will retake before I list these items on artfire.

website update

Well, I did not know what I was talking about apparently, it will be a bit longer than a few days to get my site up and running. Wow. We have been working on it two days and so far have my business name, my email and three photos for the home page. We have not been able to figure out how to change the color of the border and if we can’t , t hen we have to find another theme and start all over as it is an ugly color. We are really hoping we can change it, so many hours invested already !! It made it sound like it was all changeable, but so far we are at a loss on how to go about it !!

So, a bigger project than we thought but well worth it when we are done. I have at least 100 pages to work with, many more than I need and so I can list to  my hearts content  !!

Will post here w hen it is up and running and add a link !!

Taking the plunge

I am taking the plunge this week and investing in a web site. Not my final one, which will be designed by a friend of mine, but a starter one that has my own domain and it is only 20 bucks a month and I can take pay pal payments, I am pretty excited. It will probably be a few days to get it up and running, but once I do, I will put a link here.

I am very excited and inspired and encouraged by this developement !! Will update here soon !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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